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Established in 1987, CS&P has been a dedicated
manufacturer of specialized PVC fabrics for the
past 25 years.
We produce all types of fabric used in sports boats,
rafting boats, air tents, air mattresses, inflatable
children's play equipment, floats for the water park,
rescue safety air cushions and etc.

In 2000, after years of research and development,
CS&P successfully created D.W.F. (Double Wall Fabric).
Since then, CS&P has been supplying D.W.F. to
manufacturers in Asia, Europe and USA.
With a proven track record of quality and safety,
our demand has been increasing throughout the world.

As an ISO9001(quality) and CE certified company,
CS&P is recognized as a blue chip company with great
potential for growth.

We are always looking ahead to the future,
and through bold and persistent capital investment,
we will continue to manufacture PVC fabrics and D.W.F.
materials tailored to your needs while maintaining top
notch quality and value.